14+8 =22, 14x8=?

It all started not so long ago. When majority claimed to be a 'majority' and the opposed party calimed to call them 'fake majority'. When the '14' called the '8' syrian and iranian agents and the '8' replied describing the '14' by usa-france men.
When u tease somebody heturns to be careful from you. All of them went to the national dialogue with a big title: 'Disarming hizballah'. Sessions threw the subject from one to another infront of the media but nobody knows what happened behind the curtains.
Hizbollah is the representative of shitte in addition to amal's movement. It is nice to remember that hariri and jomblat used people's support to hizballah to reach the parliament. Hizbollah representatives were elected dimocratically as jomblat and hariri were.
when you exclude a sect in lebanon, signs of war rise.
hizbollah is fundemantelistic? yes.
Did they use their fundementalism to pressure others in south villages. no.
They lived their fundementalism in their own community.
It is good to remind you that every sect in lebanon has its own district and community laws.
It is a 3rd world country, we like it or not.
Did hizbollah take revenge from collaborators with isreal? no.
He delievered them to the government.
Many of them spent 1 year of prison in most so that no sect will feel offended in Lebanon.
Israel needs a victory to relieve her people. She can not erase hizbollah. They may succeed in hunting some hizballah heads and declare the 'mission accomplished' statement.
Heads will be replaced and hizballah will go on.. weakened, maybe.. but they will go on rebuilding their centers with help of inside and outside.
To whom who fears hizballah fundementalism, I don't fear it. Live in your regions as they do. No body will intrude in others manners.
It is way beyond the lebanon I dreamt of for years but it is the way it is done in Lebanon.
Near in Iraq, tension between shittes an sunni is increasing with the help of usa and pro-usa-friend Mr. Ossama.
In these times, asking to disarm hizballah and asking for outer forces or organizations to do it means targetting shittes. We like it or not, this is how things are explained in lebanon.
It is time of unity? yes.
Israeli forces are destructing as much as they can. They are waiting for the moment they stop all that and Lebanese turn on each other.
Sadly, I am not optimistic about that since a peacful year-and- a- half of 'every body claiming he is the majority' tells us that they will blew it all in the post-invasion-times.
This is what Israel is dreaming of. It may take years till the appropriate moment comes.
I hope I am wrong. I hope they will recognize that.
No... It is not a 'Peacful' fairytale that ends with everybody embracing each other, marry from each other and give birth to boys and girls..
It is a regional prepared war that is spreading.
And in a war there are two sides. Neutral people will have no effect. They will just accept the result of the war.
What remains to tell?
Whenever you blame some one different than you (refer to lebanese dictionary to understand this exprerssion), Be sure that it started.
Long live Lebanon.


At Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:09:00 AM, Blogger jooj said...

Well said Hilal. Good set of facts! Good reminders as well!

Too many things going on. Hard to remember every thing!

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:11:00 AM, Blogger Tabatron said...

The first occupation of Isreal in Lebanon, Isreal claimed it was defending it's "norther border".The first question that comes to mind is, Defending it from what exactly? Not only did Isreal mount a large army past the border into Lebanon, they went and occupied Beruit. This is clearly a textbook example of revenge since they were forced to give up Lebanon after they seized it so many years ago, they just want revenge and to take it back.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 2:57:00 AM, Blogger Poul said...

after israel kills all heads of hezballah and destroys all its weapons, hizballah will be as disarmed as other sects in lebanon, and can participate in the political process as equal partner instead of dictating others when to start the war with its neighbours. is this a bad thing?

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:09:00 AM, Blogger peace_head said...

first a short answer to tabatron:
israel had the PLO coming in from the north. but i think israel stayed with the hubric mission of installing a puppet government. we can see where that led israel...
though, when you think about it, syria did the same, with much better success. oh well.

hilal and the rest:
there's something i really like to share with everybody. i followed Jumblatt's harsh words against HA, and the image that came to my mind is of a militant poking him in the shoulder with an AK-47 saying "hey, got the army to back that up, buddy?". it's a sad truth, but the one with the bigger arms is he who holds the reins. nasrallah allows himself to give orders to siniora... don't know whether to laugh or cry.
it has to bring on some fear. who knows what hezbollah would do when it feels it can exert power over all of lebanon? who's gonna stop it from shattering the fragile democracy around? Jumblatt? Aoun? French intervention forces? US intervention forces? (historical sarcasm here)

plenty of justified fear.

time for unity? time to drop the cedar flag for the yellow hezbollah flag and hail nasrallah as the new PM.

you surely understand why i can't be optimistic.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 5:58:00 AM, Blogger jooj said...

"i followed Jumblatt's harsh words against HA ..."
And I followed his harsh words against Israel as well. He blames HA, but still considers Israel the enemy! Let's not forget that!

"you surely understand why i can't be optimistic."
And I think you do too. What peace? Israel has burnt all the bridges ...

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 6:07:00 AM, Blogger El Guh said...

Israel is doing what any other country would do if facing the same situation. Politically, it is correct by all means. Socially, it is a painful situation for both the israeli and the Lebanese people.

Hezbollah can save many lebanese lives if they return the abducted soldiers and stop the attacks against israel. The lives of the lebanese people are in Nassrallah's hands.

God help them.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 6:26:00 AM, Blogger jooj said...

el guh said: "if they return the abducted soldiers"
We have heard this line 1000 times now. Got anything different?
And for the 1000th time, now more than even and after Israel shows yet again her ugly face, Israel won't get her two dear soldiers back unless via indirect negotiations. Time will tell!

You and your dummy profiles. Why don't you post something? Are you afraid that no one would read or comment?

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 8:40:00 AM, Blogger peace_head said...

jooj, never said he could do anything against israel either.

it's all kalam fadi.

and anyway most of hilal's post is simply about fears of fundamentalism and unity. not israel. israel also needs to be dealt with indirect talks. but how can siniora talk when nasrallah tells him to negotiate first, but then have hezbollah approve?
and why would the israelis listen to anyone who doesn't have an army to back their words?

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 10:32:00 AM, Blogger Abe Bird said...

What democracy allowing the existent of a terror group living side by side by side with the governments' police and army and have permission to execute it's own (Well, as a matter of fact the Iranians) policy and terror actions, within Lebanon and outside Anti Israel aggression?

Lebanon is the only in the world that exercise that weird state model. And Israel has no choice but put an end to that kind of farce, and if military power is needed, OK. Lebanon gets what she deserves.

This is the LESS proper time for Israel to open a new war. Because she is acting now a war against Hamas Palestinian terror in Gaza and west bank. If not the Hizbollah attacks , Lebanon still were sit calm and safe. That's why the Iranians pushed Hezbollah to battle, in order to ease the pressure Israel makes on Hamas. But of course that shows that the Muslims don't really know Israel. Other reason that the Islamic aggression provoked against Israel was the G-8 meeting (in order to prevent pressure on the Iranian nuke) and the end of the UN nuclear offer to Iran.

Before the Hezbollah kidnapped the two soldiers there was calm, remember that!

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 10:52:00 AM, Blogger Abe Bird said...

peace_head said...

First, I didn't find any peace in your head. It seems that the Hezbollah finds an hot nest in Lebanon today because most of the people of Lebanon prefer war with Israel. Otherwise, one can't explain why Lebanon open war against Israel by let its quasi army to attack Israel. Have you any explanation for the Lebanese government behave?

That shows that you need not huge and strong power these days to open a war. You need only Hezbollah.

Israel shows the opposite. Although she has huge and strong army she avoids using all hers military forces while fighting terror (Hezballah and Palestinian's alike). Otherwise she would crash systematically all the enemy infrastructures and killing all people (as the Muslim terror organization do, but with tiny power, which Israel can successfully deters and crash)

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 11:47:00 AM, Blogger peace_head said...


hezbollah is not lebanon. it is a lebanese party, but does not speak for all of lebanon. it is lebanese civilans who die. unless you think lebanese civilians are all hezbollah supporters (not true) and that all hezbollah supporters are militants, or hiding militants in their basements (definitely not true)

who's the target of all of this? we're not seeing too many hezbollah militants on the deaths roster. mostly civilans.

what do you expect, the people of lebanon to take up arms against hezbollah?
it's death and destruction either way for lebanon. there's no force in lebanon that can disarm hezbollah, and even if there was, there would not be the unity to commit it to work.

it's just not as clear cut as you wish it to be. israel is involved, syria is involved, the history of lebanon is at play... i suggest you read more about lebanon before you go on any further.
i'd start with the taif accords, the 1982 war, the syrian involvement, the parliament, the sects, the leaders involved... so much to read, a lot of understanding to gain. please do and come back here with better insights.

personally? i'd wish to see the hezbollah gone, because it's endangering the future of lebanon as a prosperous democratic country. i want peace.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:46:00 PM, Blogger Abe Bird said...

I didn't say that hezbollah is lebanon. I said that Hizballah hijacked Lebanon at the worst case or let Lebanon government surrendered by it's will. In both cases you can't blame the Israelis. They are just doing what every rational government would have done in the same case.

Hizballah is not just a political party but a private army of some party. As a matter of fact not so "private" cause the ones who control them sit in Shiite Teheran. The Iranian interests are quite far from the Lebanese one. Mainly concerning the Jihad policy and their willing to annihilate Israel. IF Lebanon is a REAL democracy, the Hizballah existence should have stand at sticks. A democratic state can't allow the existence of terror-exporter party playing within it political nature of that country. I think Lebanon should decide immediately where she stands in that matter, because she has the responsibility for this chaos.

Lebanese civilian die because the Lebanese government let them sit within the most populated area in the state. How can a terror organization that launches rockets for years on Israel civilian by purpose, can sit safe inside cities and villages? What do you think the Israelis should do if most of the mortars, rockets and other kind of ammunition are hidden and kept at private houses, basements and tunnels? The Israelis have all rights to bomb whatever contains Hizballah weapons, weather it is on trucks from Syria, in the 7th floor in main Beirut's street or in a house in some village in southern Lebanon (all examples are true and documented).

If the people of Lebanon can't act either way, by politics or by force, and turn Hizballah to a political party ONLY, than Israel has no choice but to protect herself by herself. Israel is not willing to be involved. I'm sure; the Israelis make all efforts not to harm Lebanon as Lebanon because if they wanted to harm Lebanon we would have seen a lot more of damage all over Lebanon and Beirut. Israel interest is to leave Lebanon with less powerful Hizballah and with a solid and strong Lebanese government to control it own interest - economic prosperity and quite and peaceful living. I do expect the people of Lebanon, Muslims (Shiite also), Christian and Druze to back their government while Israel still hitting the Hizballah and acting to resolve the problem through the best solution for Lebanon itself. Israel is shifting by force the situation towards this goal, helping the Lebanese government at the first stage of the process, which I'm sorry to say, that only Israel can and could do. The need to harm and demolish most of the military capability of the Hizbullah is Lebanese interest too. The next stage will be to halt the Syrians to supply the Hizballah new weapons. But this is another story.

I think the 1982 has no connection the now situation. Syria involvement should be dealt by Israel with the help of the US, EU and UN (as much as they can). For the Lebanese welfare Lebanon should stay out of this story.

I wish too the best for Lebanon, for Israel and for the whole ME, especially when there is NO any real reason for Lebanon and Israel stay in their conflict. The have no any mutual conflict at all. If the Hizballah were seized to exist I think there would have all reason to talk peace for the benefits of both countries.

Insha Allah!

Salam wa-sulch

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 2:59:00 PM, Blogger BOB said...


Somehow I do not think that Hezbollah will agree to what you said about "To whom who fears Hezbollah fundamentalism, I don't fear it. Live in your regions as they do. No body will intrude in others manners."
Because it is a slippery road from the situation you are describing to a division of Lebanon. A division that Hezbollah has been accusing everybody else of trying to achieve it, “al taksimm” as they call it.

Or you want us to live in one country under the same flag, or your call for unity is meaningless…

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:12:00 PM, Blogger hillz said...

'Because it is a slippery road from the situation you are describing to a division of Lebanon. A division that Hezbollah has been accusing everybody else of trying to achieve it, “al taksimm” as they call it. '

we all know it..
wh lives in6ariq jdeedeh?
who lives in ashrafieh?
who lives da7yieh?
this is a situations that was before.. ma netkhabba wara isba3na..
now hariri and jamei3a rules in saida don't apply to da7yeh and vice versa.. i am talking about the community way of life.. sa7 walla ghalat.
halla2 mosh bass hizballah lezim t2aseiso 3laya
roo7 3a 6aree2 ejdeedeh w 3al ashrafieh as well.
walla shoo ya bob??
i was not talking on a futuristic events wheni aid that.. it's already done since the end of the war

At Monday, July 24, 2006 1:49:00 AM, Blogger BOB said...


if youallow each part to have its own rule, it is over we are no longuer a country.
At the moment at least we have a semblance of one...
your way it is all over...

And after what happened and if Hezballah do not disarm, your way seems attractive. But still i am an indealist and i want a free, independent and united Lebanon

At Monday, July 24, 2006 11:46:00 AM, Blogger hillz said...

lok ya 7abib 2albeh ya bob
ya3neh ana ma beddeh "a free, independent and united Lebanon "?
what i am saying that this is the way it was in the past ad mainly now as well.
u didn't answer on my remark on hizballah representing shee3a.
we have to be aware of that.
bob, every time a sect is excluded from the political process, a civil war becomes very probable unfortunately.
don't u see the rumors spreading?
don't u see little incidents happening infront of governmental schools?
don't u see that the regional war is spreading?
and that others wanna the region a war of sects and religions??
i was agianst excluding christians in the syrian years and i will be against excluding shee3a from the process in the upcoming days.
i am talking politics and not being emotional.
as i said i don't fear what's happening now, i fear what will happen when it ends.
i hope lebanese will treat the situation with a high level of "responsibility and rational thinking".
i hope u got my point now.
I am agianst fundementalism just as u, but be aware fundemtalism doesn't mean always terror.
ofcourse according to bush, the only fundemantelism he sees is one: islamic.


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