Aoun has his madness moments (as a part of his personality), we all know that.
But we have to give credit to the man with what he did with Hezbollah, despite the reason of that.

Let's assume that the reason is to get covered by other forces and join the other opposite camp and not to be left alone in between 8 and 14. Yet, we must see that Aoun is on an equal level with his allies, a thing that doesn't exist for Geagea.
Note here that Aoun disagrees with Hezbollah in many things, and he simply declares that and HA understands the speciality of his position. However, there is a common base between the two.

Now imagine if Aoun blamed Hezbollah for triggering the war during the tough times as many of 14 march "politicians" and writers did, where would have we reached by now?:

- Instead of tension between Shia and Sunnis only, (which we are witnessing now in many accidents), we would have witnessed tension as well between Shia and Christians.

To summarize the Shitte sect would have been alone in the playground AGAINST all the other sects, and yes Israel would have reached Beirut even if that wasn't its intention. That’s because simply these tensions would have affected the reality in the battlefield, and we all know that whenever Israel finds a chance for something, she never says no.

So for Aoun, He might be a dictator in his movement, but for me he is doing the right thing now. For the first time, the Christians' internal political conflict and split between Lebanese forces and FPM affects the Lebanese political situation in a good way.

Now for Nasrallah, I don't deny that I respect this man. Here, don't assume that I agree with HA ideology or with other HA faces as “Ali Ammar”. Don't think for a second that that I agree that the victory is "divine" or that I am ok with some HA allies (we2am wahhab or....).

What I’m trying to say is:
I take my position due to what I consider a priority. What I see now is an attempt to implement the American plan (a.k.a. the greater middle east). Condie doesn’t deny that. This American foolish (maybe not foolish at all) view about the region has brought nothing but a lot of dead and destruction in Iraq.

You’ll ask me but are you with Iranian- Syrian axis? Surely not, neither Hezbollah is pure Iranian or Syrian. They are Lebanese same as many Sunnis are led by Hariri junior and have their relations with Saudi Arabia.

What should I do when I see Arabs bending to USA in the name of "democracy". Oops! sorry, “Moderate democracy”. (since Hezbollah and Hamas were elected democratically, now for Condie there are “extremist democrats” and “moderate democrats”). Should I be with Saudi Arabia because it represents the "arabic moderate" trend?

I don’t care for an Orouba that keeps asking Israel for peace after each war. Yeh, they ask for a peace treaty in every summit held AFTER the Israelis burn the hell out of our kids and power supplies and infrastructure. What the hell!! Now Arabs are awake for their Orouba after freezing it for 30 years??

Can I be neutral? Yeh. I can be neutral when it comes to the details and can say this is wrong and this is right, but for the major titles (aka saying No to Israel), I can’t be neutral. I fully support that.

March 14 sells the people the idea of a neutral country in the region. That doesn’t work for Lebanon. We are in the center of the hot spot. The solution is a collaboration between the government and the resistance (aka tensee2). Unfortunately, This is not one of the government’s priorities. What was meant from the “planned” war was to push the clash between the government (14 march part) and HA to a severe extent and to give another rebirth push to March 14. However, March 14 keeps wasting the available chances because of personal narrow interests.

For me I would have put all the war princes and politicians in prisons but I know unfortunately that It doesn’t work like that. This is Lebanon. No majority, no minority. It is a country built on “compromises”. Sadly, manytimes, compromises cover corruption.
There's a saying that I heard long ago:
"Dictatorship and corruption inside (any kind of corruption) welcomes foreign intrusion".


At Saturday, October 14, 2006 6:48:00 AM, Blogger Mirvat said...

Hilal i found this recording of Ziad from the early day of the civil war on a lebanese blog. i thought you might enjoy it,


At Saturday, October 14, 2006 3:00:00 PM, Blogger hillz said...

2awlik ne7na masmoodeen? ;)

At Tuesday, October 17, 2006 4:31:00 AM, Blogger snurdly said...

Next time...and unfortunately there will be a next time...since Hezbollah will feel morally obligated to join in an impending confrontation with Syria/Iran versus Israel that Israel may be convinced that leaving captured/occupied lands is counter-productive for them. Has Nasrallah considered what would happen if S. Lebanon was re-occupied?

At Tuesday, October 17, 2006 10:03:00 AM, Blogger francois said...

"March 14 sells the people the idea of a neutral country in the region."
joumblatt declared like 6 monthes ago that a saudi influence would be beneficial for leb, and condoleezaa rice said the same like 2 weeks ago.

they have nice principles ... but the reality of their acts goes on the contrary side of their claims.

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