Nature & Energy

Will we lose all this for the sake of energy?
A hard question and an impossible response!
Time is running quickly, and the evolution needs more and more… pollution is now just a human habitude, and there is no way to live without it…
Energy! It is not a small word! Almost the majority of last and actual wars are around it…
It is divided in many sources, and used mainly under the electricity and mechanical forms… it uses mainly the petroleum products, nuclear reactors and the other nature resources including waterfalls, wind, and solar electricity producing systems… Regarding the high consumption and needs, the former two sources remain the main way of production.
Do we feel responsible for our consumption?
What if one million people, in a ten millions habitant’s city, just forget to turn off their room light?
What about keeping our car engine’s on for nothing while waiting for someone next door?
What about using our car for a simple short move, while we can do it on our feet?
How much CO2 is pushed in the atmosphere just from one street of our cities, while the cars are waiting the green light to move on?
These questions have no end!
It is already too late… it is not enough to say, we have to act…
There is no one country that is spared… the earth atmosphere is one…
The debates we are making are just a waste of time…
Waiting for our governments to act is not enough, if not worthless…
Governments are full of corruption… full of persons who want to collect millions of dollars, for their and treasury sake… asking them to change now is something we have to work on many years… the petroleum and energy companies are more powerful than governments… not forgetting how they conduct election’s campaigns to pass after their own policy…
A small example about the difference between the laws that are applicable on the people and those who direct companies; everyone of us know that driving faster than 120-140km/h is not accepted by policemen, but policemen accept that a cars producing company makes cars that can run up to 240km/h…
When someone is gaining millions of dollars, he will think that his castle garden is the earth… but what about the real earth?

Don’t be non reactive to what is going on around you… what is going on is so dangerous, and if we don’t want to change our behavior, nature will be forced to change it by herself…



At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 9:23:00 PM, Blogger Liliane said...

You have rised a good point. I once read about maybe 10 or 15 simple steps that every human being can do, and that can help in decreasing reasons for more pollution and the whole Ozone layer issue (and nowadays Global warming and the drastic climate change)...
Stuff such as, not using deodorants, using less water, turning off lights when un-needed, using less papers, etc...

There should definitely be more awareness for this matter.

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