Light Seeking Light: Pretty Women / Revolution in a Media Age

One of my correspondents recently asked if I thought that there was an uncovered "gender component" in the recent spate of revolutionary movements. Schmid's article provides an answer. The protesters may not be disproportionately female, but they certainly are young and media savvy and they know that it is in their interest to prominently display young and pretty women in the vanguard of their movement.

In many ways modern terrorism is a creation of the media world. Terrorists have long known how to capture the attention of the media and have used it to their advantage. What is encouraging here is that the forces of liberation have begun to exhibit an equally sophisticated understanding of what it takes to succeed in the modern media age.


At Saturday, March 19, 2005 3:53:00 PM, Blogger Ramzi said...

To claim that the female protestors are being given intentional exposure to somehow make a point is a little far-fetched in my opinion.

It is remarkable to note however that the very same people who used to roam Downtown and Monot Street like party animals (and whom a lot of people considered to be an example of the worthless decadence of the new Lebanese generation), these very people and youths are the ones holding the flag high and pitching tents.

I think it is because they have no memory of the war and have had the chance to glimpse the potential of what Lebanon could become that they are fighting for it so fiercely!

Let them call it the Gucci Revolution and let them poke fun at how youthful these protestors are, the messge remains strong and clear.


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