Shall we Run?

"Under the patronage of MP Bahiya Hariri, April 13th 2005 has been designated as a day of unity commemorating 30 years since the start of the Lebanese Civil War.

Associations, organizations and individuals are being encouraged to host and participate in various events from April 10th – 13th. This three day festival of unity will be launched on Sunday 10th by the Beirut Marathon Association who will stage a mass fun run around the Central Beirut area.

The event will be titled United We Run.

The objectives of this event are:

To bring together 30,000 runners to participate in the United We Run 5K event.
To emphasize unity and ongoing peace
To highlight a civilized and cultured Lebanon
To encourage the continuity of great sporting events
To contribute to the fulfillment of Sheikh Rafik Hariri's dream of building a greater Lebanon from social, educational, economic, infrastructural, environmental and sporting aspects.
To convey the Marathon Message as an event for everyone.
The Beirut Marathon Association aims to enlist 30,000 runners to take to the streets on Sunday April 10th. If you'd like to take part, either as an individual or a member of a company, association, club or similar, we've not only made it easy – we've made it free of charge!

I want to wear white and join the United We Run 5K event, what do I do?
Simply collect your running bib in advance from either the Virgin Megastore (Downtown or ABC) or the Beirut Marathon Association Office (Hazmieh) as of Monday 4th April.
Arrive at Riad El Solh Square by 10am on Sunday 10th April (Run starts at 11am sharp). Follow signs for parking."
(From beirutmarathon.org)

So what do you say, guys and girls? Shall we run?


At Thursday, March 24, 2005 7:31:00 PM, Blogger Fouad said...

We shall run eve. We shall all run in the same direction until the fields and the skies are green and blue and ours again.


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