After discussing his plans for world domination with his friends the muppets, "We should not fall into the trap of moral equivalence" said John Bolton

After discussing his plans for world domination with his friends the muppets,

…on CNN when faced by the statement of the UN General secretary who accused Israel of using excessive force...

And then when faced with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour’s condemnation of the ‘indiscriminate shelling of cities that constitute a foreseeable and unacceptable targeting of civilians.’ And her warning that liability for war crimes is not restricted to the military, but extends to politicians (she also criticized Hizbollah), Bolton advised her as a 'lawyer talking to a lawyer' not to base her allegations on a couple of news reports... What do you make of that?

And then the man accuses the UN of being useless and ineffective, so why do you think it is John? Isn't it ineffective because making it ineffective is good for you and Israel (68 UN resolutions ignored so far)?

Bolton also praised the government of Israel for very quickly accepting to establish humanitarian corridors... What he failed to say there, is that the humanitarian corridors are to evacuate the US and European citizens not to help the Lebanese citizens stranded and continuously being pounded by the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces death machine. As If!! Israel was going to stand in the face of the Americans evacuating 50000 citizens from Lebanon. (Mr. Bolton also failed to mention that the US was charging for the first 3 days, 150 USD for every citizen that was being evacuated on the rented ferries, but he didn’t have to, I’m just mentioning it…).

So drifting so distanly on a muppet ship surely gives a different outlook over 10 days of bad news down here on planet earth.

P.S.: This man could have saved 300 lives in 7 days while he staunchly stood in the way of a cease fire, and we're still counting.



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