Save Lebanon - Take Action

Dear Friends,

The ongoing crisis in Lebanon has been devastating to its people and economy. More than two hundred civilians have died, there is no infrastructure left to speak of, and there are no signs of an imminent ceasefire. Meanwhile, the possibility that the international community will take decisive action to stop the violence is dismal. Despite the various statements made by leaders all over the world, there have been no concrete political steps taken to stop these attacks.

We need to act immediately! A concerted international initiative is needed to apply pressure on global and regional powers to end the incessant violence and to work for a constructive rather than destructive solution to this crisis. Our primary concern is not to assign political blame, but rather to provide a practical plan of action.

You now have the chance to turn your frustration into active support for the people of Lebanon. Our plan of action involves three major demands:

1. Mobilize and build on the momentum of the protests spurred by worldwide distress over this tragedy. Force the world's attention to the grave human suffering in Lebanon.
2. Contact your local and national representatives to actively engage in ending the war. Pressure them into taking effective diplomatic and legislative action (Send in the Blue Helmets!)
3. Relieve the suffering of the Lebanese people by supporting the humanitarian effort and by providing resources to the organizations most engaged in the rescue and rebuilding efforts.
There are opportunities to become involved wherever you are in the world. We have launched www.saveleb.org in order to coordinate this international initiative by providing the information necessary to get involved in such efforts. The website allows you to channel your energy and emotion into a practical effort that will help the Lebanese people.

Visit and revisit www.saveleb.org

We are open to any suggestions you may have.

The SaveLeb Team