n explosion was heard around 12:30am Lebanese time (1:30 am Kuwait time), in Jdeideh, Lebanon. Reports of an explosion has been confirmed by the media. It seems like the tv crews haven't reached it because there still is no footage of anything. Some reports claim an entire building collapsed as a result of the explosion. Some say it only is one car. I am still waiting for some more news on the topic.

I hope things don't turn bad...

2:09 LBC just reported that the car that exploded is a Datsun and several people have been wounded. My sources tell me that the explosion took place at the square in New Jdeideh. The square is next to a centrale, and amn il 3am. People are suprised that an explosion would take place at this time. Who would it target?

2:20 am I just got confirmed reports that a building has collapsed as a result of the explosion. This is too absurb to me. Allah yestor!

2:27 am LBC just shows the first footage of the explosion. It doesn't look like a building has collapsed but several seem to be injured.

2:30 am More on LBC ... no dead people reported. The building is partially damaged. The car is appears to be a Honda. Wounded people might have been transferred to St. Joseph hospital.

2:41 am More from LBC.... more footages show a huge amount of people there. The car flew from the explosion and landed near a car rental place. 230463 is the license plate number which is really easy to read. LBC just announced that a few minutes after the explosion, in Zalka, a few armed men kidnapped a man from his car which is a Xtrail or a Grand Cherokee. The names are unknown still. It is obvious the explosion was a strong one.. external walls of the first few floors have collapsed from the building. Fortunately, this explosion took play this late at night since the area is a commercial and residential area. People from the neighborhood look shocked and frightened.

2:51 am The exploded car belongs to a person who lives in the building and is wounded as a result of the explosion. He claims that he parked his car at around 7pm and knows nothing of this.


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